1. No transfers will be made/processed at an event site. No exceptions!

  2. Transfers are only available for Epic Sports Marketing owned events.

  3. The Athlete who made payment to Epic Sports Marketing is the only person who can request a transfer or use one.

  4. Transfer policy is applicable only to a request for the same type of competition. For example a transfer request for a triathlon cannot be applied to a 5K run, etc.

  5. Transfer Fees cannot be separated. For example a 3 person team who losses a team member cannot request to move that portion of the fee to a different event.

  6. Registration transfer is defined as an athlete who wishes to move his own entry to another event. NOT transferring his entry to another athlete. No athlete substitutions. Registrations are non-transferable.

  7. Transfers will be processed only after the following criteria have been met:

    1. The transfer request must be made in writing (email or mail).

    2. The transfer request must be received two (2) weeks prior to the event in which the participant cannot attend. Transfer fees will not be accepted on site.

    3. The transfer request must include the following information:

      1. First and Last Name

      2. Phone number

      3. Billing address

      4. Event requesting transfer from:

      5. Event requesting transfer to:

      6. Transfer fee of $25

      7. Any difference in registration fee

      8. Email address for confirmation

      9. Click to start the process